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We are CUBE Yacht Management. Revolutionizing Superyacht management in Monaco and beyond.

About cube yacht management

Welcome to CUBE Yacht Management, your key to candid superyacht management through our dedicated and experienced team who have been working together for 10+ years from Monaco, providing services across the globe.

Born from a long-standing career in the maritime industry, CUBE Yacht Management is a ‘New’ independent company focused solely on yacht management. ‘New’ does not mean inexperienced: in fact, CUBE’s origin and current fleet of yachts derives from loyal past clients allowing us to set sail on our own.

Founded by Mitch LaBrie, CUBE Yacht Management are dedicated to ensuring that your yacht is impeccably managed, allowing you to enjoy every moment on the water with peace-of-mind. By focusing on bespoke service provision, we strive to exceed your expectations and provide you with an exceptional yachting experience. Learn more about our services by clicking here.

When asked by Mitch if I could provide a testimonial for him my only problem was to remember exactly how many yachts I’ve been involved with due to him over the years. I think it is 6, and on each occasion I’ve worked with him it has been an easy mix of professional and friendly support. Mitch has a background at sea and knowing that a qualified Master who understands the job is there in the background and available if required has always been very reassuring. He selects his team accordingly and I’ve enjoyed working with his accounts and yacht management assistants equally over the years. With the advent of Cube Yacht Management, knowing Mitch has set this up I am very comfortable to recommend his services to anyone needing professional, approachable yacht management services.

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